Sailor Moon Bikini Set Giveaway~! ♥


  • One winner will be selected to receive a Sailor Moon bikini/lingerie set in their desired color (if in stock)


  • You must follow all of the rules in the Rafflecopter Widget in order for your entries to be counted towards this giveaway.

Please read this post to view the measurements of the bikini, as well as the shipping exclusions before entering this giveaway.

This giveaway ends on August 20th.

Good luck and have fun!





Lapin Chocolat’s First Giveaway~
Receive some very cute gift to fit your sweet wardrobe! 

Hello cuties!
I’m so happy that my blog has been doing so well, and how everyone has been so supportive and kind. I decided to give back and help one lucky follower’s wardrobe to have some super cute accessories~

The giveaway prize will include:

  • 1 Necklace by
  • Any wig below $50 from Gothic Lolita Wigs
  • Any (1) pair of Pixie Bunny ears by Pixie Latte
  • Any (1) pair of circle lenses by Pinky Paradise
  • 1 biscuit clip by Dearie (Bright Red)

This is what you need to enter the giveaway:


  • Must follow my tumblr: Lapin Chocolat
  • Reblog this as many times as you want. Likes don’t count!
  • Absolutely no giveaway blogs! That won’t be fair :(

Extra Entries:


  • Like the Bling-Up page on Facebook (This counts as 10 extra entries)
  • Like my Lapin Chocolat page on Facebook (This counts as 20 extra entries)
  • Send a screenshot of you liking the page(s) through my submit box on tumblr

Additional Details

  • This giveaway is open to worldwide
  • The winner will be chosen by a random number generator and I will message the winner, if they don’t reply in 24 hours I will pick a new winner.
  • Free shipping everywhere!
  • Ends July 21st at 7pm US Central Time

Updated Extra Entries 4/21/14

Less than a month to go ^^

So I decided to revist IMVU, and created an adorable pastel furry! I’m thinking about changing her hairstyle though.

So I decided to revist IMVU, and created an adorable pastel furry! I’m thinking about changing her hairstyle though.


Sleepy baby #babe #cute #goseminoles #cartrip #love

Sleepy baby #babe #cute #goseminoles #cartrip #love


Birthday Fursuit-Head Raffle!

My birthday is coming up soon, so for fun I’ll be holding a raffle for a premade fursuit head w/ character sheet! (Pictured is my work, but the auctioned head will be revealed when the raffle starts) Initially, I’d like to know if there are any preferred colours, either for furs, eyes, or noses.

To get an early drawing into the raffle, just reblog with your favorite fur or eye colours! (Make sure to leave your FA username somewhere in your reblog so I can count it towards you)

A second extra entry can be gained from commenting in my journal below:

The raffle is free, and will officially begin on Wednesday, April 24th.

The winner will be chosen on my birthday, Friday, May 10th!

The raffle will initially be hosted via journal on FurAffinity, but I will make sure to x-post on tumblr as well.

Uwaaaaaa~ You are so talented.

I’m bloodrave on furaffinity.

White fur or pink fur are very cute. :3



There are so many of you now!!!!!! You are all amazing and primary reason to keep me going! So I wanted to thank you by having a free giveaway!!!

Da prize! Is a small plushie size of choice!!!! FREE OF CHARGE! So basically free small commission from me! Once in a blue moon chance for this!!! XD

  • Like or reblog this post IN ITS ENTIRETY to win a small plush of choice!!!
  • It would be nice but you don’t have to follow me to enter in this giveaway raffle.
  • You can reblog as many times as you want! No limit in reblogging, but let’s not spam the dash in one sitting please. Other then that, go nuts :D
  • There will be one winner, and they’ll be chosen on Nov. 10th!
  • You MUST leave your ask box open so I can contact you. The winner will have 24 hours to respond. if he/she does not respond in that time, i will have to choose another winner!!
  • Anyone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can enter! If you are outside of the USA have no fear i’ll pay for the shipping.